NC Office of EE Action Partnership Ideas

I recently spoke with the NC Office of Environmental Education about their Certification’s Action Partnership. If you are working on your certification, wondering what to do for your Action Partnership and have an interest in solid waste and recycling, please contact me at Kelley.Dennings@ncdenr.gov.

Many local governments across NC have a recycling coordinator tasked with educating about recycling. I’m sure some of them would love to have a volunteer lead an upcoming project. Project ideas off the top of my head include:
-setting up a school recycling program,
-coordinating an Earth Day event in April,
-setting up a recycling program at a local event like your county fair,
-conducting a compost training and/or bin sale,
-educating about the upcoming electronics landfill disposal ban (January 2011),
-coordinating an America Recycles Day event in November,
-helping to get a curbside recycling program started,
-continuing to educate about the plastic bottle disposal ban, etc.

Feel free to contact me about any of the ideas above or to find out who your local recycling contact is.

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Daniel Hoback said...

I am a student at Carteret Community College writing a proposal to up grade the recycling program. We are paying to much money I think. Paying money for someone else to make it off of paper (computer), cardboard,and plastic bottles. our sustainability does use the money from cans, but all in all we pay about $ 17,000 for dumpsters,recycleable containers ($35.00 each),and pickup.