N.C. Recycling Markets Directory

Since going online in 1989, the N.C. Recycling Markets Directory has listed recycling companies that collect, transport, broker, process or remanufacture recovered materials in North Carolina. It has become one of the primary tools used throughout the state to find recycling markets for materials (previously waste) generated by citizens and businesses in North Carolina.

From a mere 184 companies in 1989, the total number of companies listed in the N.C. RMD grew to 925 in 2009. Demonstrating the growth of recycling enterprises in the state, the number of N.C.-based recyclers in the directory increased 380 percent between 1989 and 2009.

The N.C. RMD is a continuously updated, fully searchable online directory. Information on company name, location and materials accepted is provided for each listing. If your company is listed in the RMD, please check your listing and update anything that is out-of-date. If your company is NOT listed in the RMD (and you serve clients in or handle material from North Carolina), you can list your company electronically by going here, and clicking on the “Get Listed” link at the top of the page. Contact Matt Todd with questions.

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