College students can make an impact – Part 4

Guest Blogger - Kristen

Make an impact. You can help reduce waste in your community with these ideas.
-Live in an apartment complex that doesn’t offer recycling? You can make a big impact by letting your complex manager know you want to have recycling.

-Are you frustrated that your university doesn’t have recycling bins in classrooms, the dining hall, the library, parking lots, along sidewalks or at sporting events? Try asking your chancellor about it. If enough students show interest, a change might be made.

-Spread the three Rs message! When you go back home, encourage your family to reduce, reuse and recycle. Or, when you study abroad, find out about your host city’s waste reduction and recycling efforts, and tell your host family what you do to reduce waste.

Tell us what you think.
Are recycling bins easy to find around your campus?
Do you find it difficult to convince your roommates to recycle?


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