Lights! Camera! Compost!

Guest Blogger – Bianca, city of Raleigh

The recent announcement of Academy Award nominations reminded me of my favorite film moment of 2009. No, it wasn’t the initial rise of the house in “Up” or the final rugby match of “Invictus.” Instead, “A Serious Man” showed me something I’d never seen before: a credit for composting services. Composting services?! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but a quick Google search confirmed it. A company called EcoSet Consulting LLC, was hired to reduce waste on the set of "A Serious Man." According to an employee, of the 14 tons of waste generated by the set, 10.3 were sent to a composting facility, not a landfill.

Closer to home, the N.C. Film Office offers tips for environmentally friendly filmmaking practices. Suggestions include avoiding toxic paints, buying locally grown food and donating leftover materials to nonprofits to avoid the landfill. Unfortunately, it lacks case studies of N.C.-filmed projects that incorporated those tips.

I wonder if “A Serious Man” will do for composting what "An Inconvenient Truth" did for carbon offsets. Will these singular instances remain the exception, or will green filmmaking become the industry norm? Have you seen a movie lately that lists credits for recycling or composting services? From now on, I'll be staying until the final credits roll, waiting for another film with "composting cred."


Shannon said...

Hello there! Thanks for recognizing the environmental initiatives on "A Serious Man". I just want to clarify an error in your post. We were very successful with diverting set waste (nearly 80%!) with the help of an incredible non-profit, Eureka Recycling http://www.eurekarecycling.org/ and couldn't have done it with out them. EcoSet Consulting was founded after the film wrapped and was not involved in their greening process.

FOCUS Features take environmentally responsible film making very seriously, as does their parent company NBC Universal. Keep watching those credits, green film making is here to stay.


RE3.org said...

Thanks so much for your post. I've heard of Eureka. I'm glad they were able to help divert so much waste.