Recycling Ideas for the College Lifestyle – Part 3

Guest Blogger - Kristen

The final step (last week’s blogs included steps one and two) is to toss the materials that are accepted by your community into a recycling bin so that they can be remanufactured into new (and sometimes different) products. Each community accepts different materials for recycling, so find out what can be recycled in your community by visiting this link.

Party recycling ideas:
-When you’re setting up for your next tailgate, tie a trash bag to your bumper for all your recyclable bottles and cans.

-At the bar this weekend, take a second to scope out the recycling bin for your bottles and cans.

-At your next party, make sure to put out a recycling bin (or laundry basket marked “Recycle”) for bottles and cans. Make it into a game; every time someone throws a bottle in the recycling bin, they get a point.

Other recycling Ideas:
-Are your sneakers worn out from last semester’s gym class? Don’t throw them away, find out how they can be recycled by going to Nike’s Reuse a Shoe.

-Next time you’re wrapping a friend’s birthday gift, use wrapping that can be recycled (or reused); like bows, ribbons and wrapping made out of paper (instead of foil or plastic).

-Don’t know what to do with those out-of-date CDs, DVDs and floppy disks? To find out how they can be recycled, go to http://www.greendisk.com/.

-Those pesky metal hangers cluttering your closet don’t have to be thrown in the trash. Take them back to the dry cleaners, put them in your box going to the thrift store or take them to a metal recycler.

-When your computer, printer, scanner or any other electronic device dies, don’t trash it. Take it to a recycling center. Find out where by going to Earth 911.

-Live in a sorority or fraternity house? Have your housemates collect their food scraps and begin a compost pile in your backyard. Compete with other houses to see who can generate the most compost tonnage. Use the freshly-made mulch to plant a garden! Learn more about composting here.

-At the end of the semester, you don’t have to throw your notebook in the trash. If it has a recyclable chipboard cover, just pull out the wire binding and put your whole notebook in the recycling bin. If it has a plastic cover, just tear it off and put the paper in the recycling bin.

-Got a bunch of packaging peanuts from the box your Mom sent you? Dumping them in the trash isn’t the only option. To find out how they can be recycled, go to http://www.loosefillpackaging.com/.

-Love omelets for breakfast? Buy eggs in cardboard containers instead of plastic containers.

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