Local Government Social Media Example

Guest blogger – Mandy

The City of Concord recently launched the Community Swap Shop, a Facebook page where citizens in and around Concord can go to advertise items they want to give away. The page is designed to promote REUSE, one of the three Rs.

"The Community Swap Shop is win-win-win," says Mandy Smith-Thompson, Concord's environmental educator, "People can visit the site to get rid of things they no longer want, avoiding disposal cost. Others can visit to get things they need for free, and by doing so, citizens are helping to divert usable items from the waste stream, keeping them out of the landfill."

The city of Concord also has a separate Facebook page designed to share information with the public. "Friends" of Concord can also use the page to communicate directly and conveniently with the city. If you haven't already, to log into Facebook at www.Facebook.com to check out these convenient resources!

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