Waste Reduction for the Office, Home and On-the-Go, Part I

Guest Blogger – Kristen

Reducing, reusing and recycling our waste are important steps in creating a more livable Earth. Therefore, it’s important to consider how waste reduction can fit into our lives inside and outside the home.

Follow these waste reduction tips and you’ll do your part to create a more livable Earth, whether you’re in the office, at home or on-the-go!

Waste Reduction Tips for the Office

- Print documents double-sided to save paper.

- Don’t print e-mails. If your e-mail program has a “folders” feature, just organize your e-mails into folders, and print only when necessary.

- Use refillable ink cartridges for your printer. That way, when they run out, you can just have them refilled.

- When your computer, printer, scanner or any other electronic device dies, don’t trash it. Take it to a recycling center. For a center near you, visit www.earth911.com.

- When your pen runs out of ink, don’t buy a whole new one. Instead, simply insert a new ink cartridge into the pen.

- Don’t know what to do with those out-of-date CDs, DVDs and floppy disks? To find out how they can be recycled, go to http://ncwastetrader.org/home.aspx

- Just got a new cell phone? Don’t trash your old one. Instead, send it to “Cell Phones For Soldiers” or another cell phone donation program. To find out how, visit http://www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com

- Looking for a new office chair, or looking to get rid of an old one? Buy or sell used office furniture on Craigslist or Ebay.

- If your workplace doesn’t offer recycling, consider being a hero by taking on the task yourself. Bring in some type of bin, basket or box marked “Recycling.” Encourage coworkers to toss in their paper, bottles and cans. Each week, take it to a near-by recycling drop-off center. To find a drop-off location near you, visit http://nc.myecoville.com/ecosearch.

Waste reduction tips for the home and on-the-go will be coming soon!

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Who empties the recycling bins at your workplace?
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