New Recycling Campaign Targeted at Older Adults

Guest Blogger – Scott Mouw

Originally posted on the N.C. Governor’s blog April 23, 2010

Gov. Perdue signed Executive Order No. 54 March 30, directing state agencies to develop strategies and proposals to strengthen their preparedness for and response to North Carolina’s aging population. While that will include improving services to recognize and meet the special needs of this unique population, it will also include improving how we communicate with our older citizens.

DENR’s Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance is ahead of the game. It recently launched Recycle More NC, a recycling campaign aimed at those 35 years of age or older.

The division already promotes recycling through the Recycle Guys for the kids and RE3.org for the 20-something age group. The goal of Recycle More NC is to not only increase the amount of curbside recycling, but also increase recycling participation at work and while out-and-about. It’s the next natural step in the recycling education process.

With this campaign, the division will keep the state’s citizens involved in recycling and in their community as they grow older by providing them with information about recycling outside the home.

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