Resources Available on Climate Change Web Site

Guest Blogger - Jessica

N.C. DPPEA’s new climate change page addition to its website offers many great resources for local governments and communities. Visit www.p2pays.org/climatechange and click on the “Resources” link to view and download helpful material that links recycling to climate change. Below is a summary of the various tools DPPEA has to offer:

- News Releases – Two template news releases are provided to call residents to action to do their part to help reduce climate change through waste management.

- Graphics – Three posters are available for downloading that depict the benefits of recycling and composting in regard to saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A fourth poster, the diagram of a landfill, is also available.

- PSAs – 10-, 30- and 60-second PSAs are available for use on how recycling and composting aid in reducing global warming.

- Fliers – Fliers highlighting the “Top 10 Ways to Reduce Waste and Decrease Global Warming” can be downloaded. There are three: one for kids/parents, one for college students and one for adults/general public. Also, the “Top 10 Reasons Why Climate Change is Relevant to N.C.,” is a helpful flier that reflects the importance of taking action now. “Simple Steps to Composting” is available for those who want information about composting.

- Webinar Presentation – A podcast and slides from the “How to Link Recycling With Climate Change” Webinar presentation are available for viewing.

- Links – Fact sheets and other tools, such as the “EPA Household Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculator” are available for more information and interaction.

- References – A list of references is available for additional information.

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