E-mail Tidbits

I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile but I do have some cool links that might be helpful.

My colleague from the N.C. Division of Public Health was lucky enough to see Doug McKensie-Mohr, the author of Fostering Sustainable Behavior, speak a few weeks ago. Check out his blog post about the event here.

A Harris Teeter in Orange County recently installed can and bottle recycling containers in its store. With the help of the county, the store also installed a sign on the outside of the building near the trash can alerting customers that they could now recycle their bottles and cans inside (sign stated "Do Not Put Your Cans and Bottles Here, Recycle Them Inside"). The story went from about 50 percent bottle and can trash to less than 10 percent on any given day. Orange County has also done a waste sort of downtown streetscape trash cans. In Carrboro, 35 percent of trash was cans and bottles. In Hillsborough the amount was 15 percent.

New recyclable market trend graphs have been updated here on the Recycling Business Assistance Center site.

Check out the Reuse Alliance’s upcoming national conference.

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