Social Marketing 101 - An Introduction

Guest Blogger – Megan

So, you want people to recycle, right? The question is: how can you influence them to actually do it, aside from handing out promo items and sending them on their way, hoping they got the message? While the promo item can help (as you will see later), it’s still important to influence a behavior change in the individual. Enter social marketing. Social marketing uses commercial marketing concepts and techniques to influence a positive social change for large groups of people that are not already engaging in a certain behavior (for example, recycling). According to Fostering Sustainable Behavior, social marketing involves four steps:
1- Identify barriers and benefits to recycling
2- Use various social marketing strategies to increase recycling
3- Conduct a pilot project
4- Evaluate the strategy that was chosen

What exactly does all of this mean? Well, stay tuned! During the next few weeks, each of these steps will be outlined and explained in more detail, so you can use them to understand social marketing and help you develop a project to implement in your own community.

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