SURVEY RESULTS: Can you really educate an audience about an issue? – Part 2

The graph below shows the knowledge change over time for plastic bottles. Prior to Aug. 2009, 60 percent of respondents thought plastic bottles were banned. From August on, the percentage of people that knew plastic bottles were banned jumped to 85 percent.

We conducted a similar survey at the 2009 State Fair. Of the 947 surveyed, 55 percent were female and 29 percent were male. Respondents were broken down by ZIP code. The list of items on the survey included six items that were banned from landfills (including the 2011 computer ban) and six items that were not.

Some unique results were:
- For all respondents, the six most selected were the items on the banned list.
-The most selected item was used motor oil (87 percent) followed by tires and plastic bottles.
- Thirty percent of each age group thought Styrofoam was banned.
- Charlotte had, on average, the fewest number of positive responses for the list of banned items.
- The Fayetteville area had a small number of positive responses for aluminum cans (67 percent).
-The Triad had the most consistent responses. Between 80-90 percent from this area thought cans, bottles, oil and tires were banned.

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