SURVEY RESULTS: Reasons for using Facebook

OK. I’ll admit it. I am a little behind at putting up our survey results. We are conducting them and analyzing them but I’m the slacker at putting them on the blog. So these Facebook User results are from surveys taken at 2009 Earth Day. I think the information is still beneficial though. Facebook use hasn’t changed that much since the survey. So read up!

The following analysis is of one survey distributed at three 2009 Earth Day events. The surveys were distributed at the downtown Raleigh, NCSU and Johnston County events. The primary focus of this survey was to determine Facebook usage and participation levels. Overall, 121 people responded, where 75 percent of all respondents were female. The youngest respondent was nine and the oldest was 61. The median age was 23.

- 43 percent of all respondents use Facebook on a daily basis.

Respondents were then asked how they interacted with the Facebook components.
- The top activity was reading status updates (44 percent) followed by viewing pictures (41 percent).
- The least popular activities were writing on discussion boards (12 percent) and submitting pictures (17 percent). This suggests RE3.org should initially utilize Facebook as a way to spread recycling information rather than encouraging dialogue and conversation between users.

- 11 percent more male respondents use Facebook daily than female respondents.
- Male respondents are 12 percent more likely to read discussion boards than female respondents.
- Both male and female respondents prefer a more removed involvement with these Facebook features and prefer looking at what others have already posted than post content themselves.

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