The team (who really does all the work)

We have a couple of new summer interns at N.C. DPPEA. These folks are the heart and soul of the education and outreach marketing team. I’ve asked them to introduce themselves via this blog over the next couple of weeks. Some you’ll recognize, since they’ve been with us for a couple of years (and are looking for full-time jobs – hint, hint) and others are still learning the ropes.

Let me take this time also, to thank all the interns I’ve had.
- Trina – She was my first DPPEA intern. She’s a great analyst and landed a plum job in the “private sector.”
- Dwight was my first design intern. He taught me all about typography and white space. I’ve never been the same since.
- Ellen helped us make our first social media pages. She was instrumental in starting our MySpace and YouTube accounts.
- Dakota and Hannah came as a set. They were friends and made a great team. Dakota was the design intern and Hannah was a marketing student. They have each had exciting lives in big cities on opposite ends of the U.S. since graduating.
- Lindsay was our summer videographer. She helped create some of our great training videos.
- Mary – Regular blog readers might know her as Michigan Mary. She was looking for an adventure and moved to N.C. for the semester (just for our internship – it’s that competitive – JK).
- Margaret – She was my second intern from N.C. State’s Marketing Department. I love this group of students. She, too, moved and got a full-time job. We must train them well.
- Chelsea – This was our first Chelsea (but not our last). She was an excellent worker and moved on to a full-time gig.
- Wambui dug in and helped when asked. She conducted outreach events for me throughout the summer!
- Leigh – This girl can design. Watch out, she’ll be working for Oprah one day – I just know it. Leigh moved to Florida and is employed by a design firm.
- Jessica just graduated and is looking for a full-time marketing job. Know of one? She kicked butt doing research, writing and conducting a webinar. Quite a catch.

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