My departure

Today is my last full-time day with NC DEAO. It is with sadness and excitement that I write this blog post. From September 13th to the end of October, I will be working part-time for NC DEAO and part-time for the national Keep America Beautiful program. Starting in November, I will be full-time with KAB.

That’s right, KAB. Not only am I changing jobs, I am moving to Washington, DC. So you can understand my mix of emotions – excitement and anxiety. I can’t wait to get started with my KAB projects. They will be similar to my work at NC DEAO, but I get to help lots of local governments across the nation.

Hopefully, the staff transition will be smooth. Many of my interns will continue to work with the division, and they will be able to help you with your needs. Kristen and Megan can fill your promotional item orders and help you reserve the mascot costume. Jonathan and Chelsea can provide you with any of our campaign artwork that you need.

As for the RE3.org blog . . . as long as I am still with the division, I will try to post relevant items as much as possible. It will be up to my successor to decide the ultimate fate of this communication method. I’ve enjoyed posting items to the blog for the last four years. My, how time flies! Please keep in touch and look me up at KAB and in Washington, DC.

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