SURVEY RESULTS- What promo item do people really want?

This Earth Day we asked that very question.

We administered the survey at four different events - the downtown Raleigh, N.C. State University and IBM Earth Day events along with a presentation to high school students at the Asheboro Zoo School. Overall, 292 participants took the survey; 62 percent of the respondents were female. The average age of the respondents was31yearsold.

It looks like more people like magnets, sticky notes and a deck of cards versus the other items. These particular ideas were all things that could be made by the Department of Correction. If you do a lot of event outreach, you’ll appreciate this comment – I hate magnets. They are so heavy to lug to an event. What’s something that has the same appeal as a magnet but lighter in weight? A refrigerator cling of some kind?

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