SURVEY RESULTS – State Fair Recycling Survey

By Kristen Aubut

All 1,868 surveys taken by visitors at our N.C. Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach State Fair recycling booth have been entered and analyzed. The GreenNC tent, where our booth was located, had 106,545 visitors during the 11 days of the fair.

Females constituted 66 percent of survey respondents. Those age 17 and under made up the largest portion of respondents. As illustrated in the graph below, most respondents live in Wake County. The 333 respondents in the “Other” category live in 45 other counties, each county being home to 24 or fewer respondents.

We were glad to see that 74 percent of respondents always recycle when it is convenient, and only one percent never recycle, even when it is convenient. The graph below illustrates these findings.

We were also glad to see that the majority of respondents would take their plastic drink bottles home for recycling if they were unable to find a recycling bin while out-and-about. The graph below illustrates this finding.

Thanks to all those respondents who took our survey at the N.C. State Fair! These survey results help us serve North Carolina better!

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