Reusable Gift Wrapping

Gifts are given to celebrate special occasions throughout the year. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and religious holidays are all special occasions that are enhanced by gift-giving. Each of these gifts is carefully wrapped in all types of materials, with paper being the most popular. Once the wrapping paper is ripped open to reveal the gift inside, most often, the paper is discarded in the trash can. Even the beautiful bow is frequently thrown away. Gift wrapping materials are, for the most part, considered to be disposable. But with our landfills growing, our natural resources waning and the cost of everything increasing, the concept of reusable wrapping is very appealing.

Recycle Now offers a great idea for reusable wrapping. Furoshiki is a Japanese style of wrapping. As recyclenow.com explains, “Furoshiki is a fun and creative style of gift wrapping using a large piece of cloth to create elegant looking presents. The good news is, when the present is unwrapped, there’s nothing to be thrown away!”

Watch the video so you can start Furoshiki wrapping for your next special occasion!

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