Children’s Consignment Sales

Parents know how quickly children outgrow their clothes. Many parents say that in only one month, their baby outgrew all of the newborn clothes they received at their baby shower. Parents are left with piles of barely-used clothing and the need to go buy more! Parents don’t need to worry, though, because a simple answer awaits them: consignment sales. Children’s consignment sales are a great place to find everything you need for your baby or toddler.

Consignment sales are the place to shop for several reasons:

1. Buying secondhand clothing and baby gear prevents new items from having to be produced. New plastic, metal, wood and cloth does not have to be used to produce a new product. Also, coal does not have to be burned to produce the electricity that fuels the production of these items.

2. Parents who sell their children’s outgrown clothing prevent the items from ending up in the landfill. The less we send to the landfill, the slower the landfills grow, and the less open space we have to devote to them.

3. Parents who sell their children’s outgrown clothing and baby gear are provided with income. Parents who have several children and participate in several consignment sales each year can make significant money to supplement their income.

4. Parents who buy secondhand save a lot of money compared to those who buy first-hand retail.

Do your family and the earth a favor and shop the consignment sales.

Here are two sources to find consignment sales going on in North Carolina: http://consignmentmommies.com/ChildrensConsignmentSalesbyState/NorthCarolina.html


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