Nedra Kline Weinreich’s blog about Jack in the Box

Check out this commercial from Jack in the Box and then read Nedra’s blog and the comments from others. What do you think? I am kind of torn on this one.

I must admit that I laughed at the commercial but can understand her objections to it also. I have been doing focus groups for RE3.org’s recycling commercials and have heard so many conflicting comments. Some love “Epiphany,” and others think it’s sexist. Most people laugh at “Tag,” but a few comments have said it condones violence. When trying to decide which commercials to air I have been told that you will never please everyone. I think the Jack in the Box commercial had a targeted audience for which it is probably well suited. I would like to think the same thing about our RE3.org commercials.

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Nedra Weinreich said...

Thanks for linking to my post. You're right that you can never please everyone with any commercial, and that you should be focused primarily on what your target audience thinks of it. JITB has done that amazingly well. The commercial has been on the air for over a year, so I'm assuming that it's been really effective in increasing late-night taco sales.

But a company (nor a social marketer) should not focus only on whether a commercial works, regardless of ethical principles. Right now there is a coalition of health and public safety organizations who are trying to persuade JITB to adopt a socially responsible advertising policy. I don't want their commercials to lose the edginess that makes them so funny, but there needs to be a line beyond which companies do not go in depicting unsafe behaviors as acceptable.