ARTICLE - Now that spring is here . . .

This winter I came upon a social marketing campaign in Boston where they wanted more people to get out and help shovel the sidewalks. Here is a snip-it of the article:

- "So, how can we persuade our neighbors – and, gulp, ourselves – to head out with a shovel in the morning cold, or to come home after a long day’s work and go right back out again, the wind and the kids howling, dinner unmade?

Shame, that’s how. Make it more embarrassing to leave your walk icy than to drive a Hummer during a gas crunch or answer a cellphone at the movies. Or, as one self-described “transportation nerd” tells me: “We’ve got to make shoveling the social norm.” That’s Wendy Landman speaking, the executive director of WalkBoston, a pedestrian advocacy organization. “Somehow,” she says, “it hasn’t penetrated people’s consciousness.” -

This is the same tactic we want to take with recycling via the RE3.org campaign.

On a similar note there was a funny article about global warming and snowmen this winter in the Onion.Those guys will really suffer from global warming.

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