VIDEO OF THE WEEK - ABC News: "Is Recycling Always Good?"

This interview in July on ABC stirred up lots of comments. Holly in Asheville had a great rebuttal and even mentioned RE3.org! Read the comments here. What is the stance of the National Recycling Coalition on this topic?

“Organizations and individuals from nearly every sector in the Coalition issued letters to Good Morning America expressing their dismay at the airing of Stephen Dubner’s (author of Freakonmics) segment, “Is Recycling Always Good?” NRC staff contacted the producer of that segment directly to address the vagueness and inaccuracy of Dubner’s statements regarding the recycling industry and requested a follow-up piece to clarify, with facts, the great benefits of recycling to American consumers, the economy, and the environment. In the course of NRC’s dialogue with Good Morning America, it was made clear that Dubner is a regular subject matter “expert” who they enlist to comment on a number of topics. The on-going education and dialogue NRC staff is pursuing with GMA producers is aimed at ensuring they look to the real recycling experts within the Coalition for future segments related to recycling. Stay tuned!”

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