X-TREME Recycling

Guest Blogger – Hannah

It’s becoming more common to see a recycling program at your favorite sporting event. You’ve seen them. Blue trash cans labeled RECYCLE throughout the park and a couple of announcements reminding you to drop your cans in the bin.

While I’m all for recycling in any manner, I have to give a big hats off to the 13th annual X Games held in August in Los Angeles. X Games Environmentality was behind making sure sustainability was considered throughout the planning and execution of the event. Check out the various ways they encouraged and taught attendees and vendors about recycling.

At the end of the event, X Games Enviornmentality reported an 84% recycling rate. Through its extensive composting program and recycling incentives it kept a lot of valuable materials from ending up landfills. So the next time you’re cheering on your favorite team, remember that every recycled item helps. Maybe your favorite team will become the next recycling leader!

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