America Recycles Day – Part 3

America Recycles Day is all about promoting the cycle of recycling – collection, processing and buying recycled. Without purchasing products made with recycled content you don’t “close the loop.”

This is an old commercial from CA where the character, Recycle Rex, talks about “Closing the Loop.” Unfortunately I think the wrong term wrong is being used. Closing the loop means collecting recyclables, processing those recyclables and buying recycled products. However, they don’t mention recycled content products at all in the video.

Do you know the difference between these two icons? One means it is recyclable (maybe not in your community although) and one means it is made with recycled material. Which is which? Comment below.


fidel said...

Please let me know which is which

RE3.org said...

You can find the answer to the logo question here - http://p2pays.org/recycleguys/americarecyclesday.html