In a previous post I talked about Current TV. I love this channel! However, you don’t need to watch it on cable only. All of their podcasts are also on its Web site.

I spent an undisclosed amount of time searching its site for cool environmental/recycling videos to pass along. Check them out below.

- Bonnaroo Music and Art festival The second part of this podcast talks about art at the festival made with recycled content material. We have a local gallery in Durham that displays art made with recycled material at The Scrap Exchange.

- Sustainable Design in Hawaii This video has good information about green building.

- Making Sandals in Africa from Recycled Material All around super human Mathew Meyer started a recycled sandal company in Africa that directly benefits the natives who make them in a cooperative business in Nairobi.

- Recycle a Bicycle in NY An organization called the Recyclery (http://www.recyclery.info/) in Carrboro, N.C. also salvages bicycles and donates them to people that can use them.

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