Wal-Mart Making Strides

Last fall I gave a presentation to 300 Wal-Mart employees about “what they can do for the environment.” If anyone would like to borrow the presentation, let me know.

However, while doing research for the presentation I found a great Web site created by Wal-Mart called the “Live Better Index.” One of the categories is Sustainability and lots of great consumer attitudes and shopping behaviors were researched. The site has some fantastic information that we can use in our campaigns.

For example –
- Consumers have begun purchasing environmentally friendly products and want to purchase more. Eighty percent of consumers claim to be spending at least $1.00 a week on environmentally friendly products.
- Waste reduction issues – There is a gap between concern and knowledge of waste reduction issues. While 40 percent of Americans are very concerned, only 18 percent are well informed. Females are significantly more likely than males to be concerned about waste reduction issues (29 percent vs. 18 percent). Adults, 65+, are most likely to be concerned about waste reduction issues (32 percent).

Wal-Mart is focusing on five environmentally friendly products and uses them as trend indicators. The trend update can be found here - and it seems positive. Wal-Mart has a site specifically for environmentally friendly products. Hopefully the list will continue to grow.

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