Carolina Recycling Association Conference wrap up

One thing that kept me busy in March was preparing for the Carolina Recycling Association Conference. If you were unable to go or didn’t attend the following sessions, let me give you a quick wrap up.

Sustainable Schools –
This workshop was full of information about school recycling but it also had educational stations about school water conservation, energy conservation, hazardous waste management and indoor air quality. Another important workshop component was funding. Lots of schools need help to fund these types of programs. Lastly, Green Steps, a project in S.C., is about incorporating all of this under an umbrella system with goals and rewards. Check this blog soon for more resources from this workshop.

Social Marketing experts from across the nation -
This session was kind-of “out of the box,” since it was an international Webinar but definitely helped decrease the conference’s carbon footprint. Thanks to Cullbridge Marketing and Communications we were able to learn from three national speakers about social marketing and social media. Hear the presentations via this podcast.

Recycle Guys campaign –
Did you know that RE3.org complements another campaign for younger kids? This session updated everyone on the new material constantly being created by S.C. DHEC for the Recycle Guys. We also conducted a short survey and had an informal discussion about future needs for the campaign. Feel free to continue that discussion in the comments section of this blog. Thank you to everyone that helped with these sessions.

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