Writing this blog

I haven’t put anything on this blog since April 4 and I am feeling very guilty about it. It isn’t that I don’t have anything to post. Ideas are not a problem. The problem is of course – time. I enjoy writing the RE3.org blog and hope it is valuable, but as anyone in the environmental field knows this is a busy time with Earth Day just around the corner.

The irony is that I am working with a number of groups right now to promote social media (blogs, MySpace, etc.) as a way to communicate and cause behavior change. I think social media has its place but does add work to your job. People, including myself, are trying to evaluate the effectiveness of this new communication method. Only time will tell. Until that point, I will continue to utilize this blog (as time permits) to update local recycling coordinators and environmental educators about new recycling and social marketing initiatives, resources, trainings and research.

Please let me know if you have an idea to share. Guest bloggers are always welcome.

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