Planet Smoothie

We have a new intern. Please welcome Clare and check out her guest blog post below.

I have an unhealthy addiction to smoothies. It’s become practically routine for me to pick one up on the way to class. Yesterday I discovered Planet Smoothie on Hillsborough St. across from NC State’s campus (verdict=tasty). While slurping my way through yet another class, a small blurb on the cup caught my eye. Planet Smoothie is sponsoring a green solutions contest for their customers. To the winning individual who comes up with a way to “re-use it or lose it”, Planet Smoothie will reward them $5,000 and free smoothies for a year (is it sad that I was more excited about the free smoothies than the money?).

Visit www.planetsmoothie.com for details and entry proposal. Deadline for solution submissions is September 30, 2008. After you submit your green idea, post it here on the comments section so we can read all about it. Good Luck!

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