My mentor, Mike Newton Ward, recently went to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conference all about using new media to communicate with various demographics. He brought back loads of information I want to share with you.

Types of 2.0 eHealth Efforts:
- E-mail, Podcasts, eCards, Mobile Phone/Texts, Social Networks, Widgets, Buttons/Badges, Blogs, Wikis, eGames, Viral video, Virtual worlds, User generated content, Tagging, etc.

Mobile phone users data:
- About 200 million text messages are sent on the average day, up from 75 million per day the year before (2006).
- Access of mobile Web sites in the US has grown three-fold in the past year according to Bango.
- Women are more likely than men to use their phones to send or receive text messages and to take/send/receive photos.
- Men are more likely to use their phones to check e-mail and access the internet.

Internet users data:

- Three fourths of adults use the Internet at least occasionally, of these users, nine out of ten have an internet connection at home.
- Among adults with a home Internet connection, about three fourths have a high-speed connection.
- A growing number of Hispanic and African American internet users go online, although it is still proportionately fewer than Caucasian Internet users.
- A growing number of Internet users in rural locations have a high-speed connection, although it still lags behind users located in urban and suburban areas.

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