RE3.org survey results – Youth Councils, 2007

Last year we conducted surveys with three teen councils throughout NC – the Cary Teen Council, the Hickory Youth Council and the New Bern Youth Council. This demographic is an important one. Young adults (ages 14-18) are a little old for the Recycle Guys campaign and a little young for RE3.org. However, we feel they are better suited for RE3.org graphics and images – just appropriate ones. What ideas do you have to better reach the high school demographic?

The surveys indicated that 5% of those surveyed had seen the RE3.org graphic before and 75% had seen the Recycle Guys logo before. Thirty-four percent had a MySpace page and 40% had a Facebook page. More than 50% of the Cary Teen Council respondents said they daily listen to or play music, socialize and surf the Net. Overwhelmingly respondents recycle because “It helps the environment”. For those that don’t recycle it is because they “Don’t remember”. The Cary Teen Council rated the RE3.org “Tag” commercial the highest among all the RE3.org commercials.

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