Last Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Make

Guest Blogger - Clare


If you’re a DIYer, I found a really creative Web site you can peruse. It’s http://www.replayground.com, and it gives ideas on how to turn your scrap into functional items. Some of it is funky art (the milk/cereal placemat); other crafts are useful and very handy (the jersey tote bag). The site gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make the projects, which is good for someone who lacks creativity (guilty). The site also sells kits that allow you to merge some of your junk with a helpful premade addition. I was intrigued by the “remake it” bottle lamp. It provides the lamp posts, and you provide the bottles for the lamp ‘shade’ (see picture above). A cool Web site for someone with time on their hands and reusing on the brain.

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