Photo Blog 1 - Bins, Bins, Bins

My next few posts are going to be photo blogs. Hope you enjoy.

1. Cisco
Last month I was fortunate enough to be invited to a meeting at Cisco about social media and internet marketing. I learned a lot. If you think you now understand Web 2.0, just wait for Web 3.0. Read more about it here. I also got a great tip. Visit Universal McCann Marketing Agency for lots of info about social media and social networking.

Can you believe how nice Cisco's recycling bins were?

2. Charlotte Convention Center
I was at the Charlotte Convention Center recently for a science teachers conference. While in the exhibit hall I noticed these recycling bins. Unfortunately they were not labeled. They did have these nice banners hanging above them. Learn more about the convention center’s recycling program from the Glass Packaging Institute’s article here.

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