New commercials

We are creating some new commercials for an older demographic (35-55). Below are the themes and scripts. Your thoughts?

Jobs Commercial -
Intro: Recycling sustains more than 14,000 jobs in N.C.
Speaker 1: Paula Hoffman, FCR
“Our facility recycles material from throughout North Carolina. I have a job educating about recycling.”

Speaker 2: City of Raleigh employee
“I’ve been collecting recyclables for four years. Thank you for participating in your curbside program.”

Speaker 3: Mylinda Jacobsen, Envision Plastics
“Thanks to recycling, Envision has doubled its workforce since opening in 2001. Thanks for your support.”

Tagged to RE3.org:
“To find out more about how recycling creates jobs go online to RE3.org.”

Cycle commercial -
Intro: "The materials you recycle come back to you in the form of products you buy every day. Putting your recyclables in the collection bin and then buying recycled products keeps the cycle going - creating jobs, saving energy and protecting the environment."

Speaker 1: Step 1: Collection – Mecklenburg County
"The recyclables you drop off at your local convenience center is step one of the recycling cycle. Thank you for doing your part!"

Speaker 2: Step 2: Processing - Green Fiber
"We receive your old newspaper and turn it into new cellulose insulation which is step 2 of the recycling cycle."

Speaker 3: Step 3: Recycled Content Products – Home Improvement Center
"After your old newspaper is turned into new insulation it is distributed to your local home improvement center. Do your part and purchase products with recycled material to complete step 3."

Tagged to RE3.org:
“To find out more about the recycling cycle go online to RE3.org.”

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