How are we doing? RE3.org Blog Hits

I just opened our Google Analytics account and we have 10% more people coming to the blog than in months past. That is great news. I think we’ve had some wonderful content lately. So how is the blog doing?

Between 3/1/08 and 3/1/09 we had 5,060 unique visits. Each visitor stays on the site one minute. 4,980 of those visitors are from the U.S. and 1,926 of those visitors are from North Carolina. 5,030 are new visitors but 1,385 are returning visitors! The most common search terms that cause people to find us are: recycling song, recycling pictures and RE3 blog. Our top page hits were:

- January 14, 2008 when we talked about the issue of recycling markets (37 visits)
- October 30, 2008 when we posted the upcoming ARD events (40 visits)
- April 21, 2008 when we posted the upcoming Earth Day events (43 visits)
- February 4, 2009 when we discussed bottle bills (50 visits)

What kind of content would you like to see on the blog that isn’t discussed?

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