VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Benjamin Zander

A few weeks ago I was in a class about project management and our professor showed us this excellent 20 minute video from a conductor, Benjamin Zander. It is, of course, about music but my professor was able to show how elements of it also related to project management. There is an underlying theme of leadership throughout the video. I was thinking during the exercise how it also relates to social marketing. He talks about how to get more people (than the current three percent) to listen to classical music. Sounds like behavior change to me.

Here are my comments from the video and tell me what you think in the comments section.
- We have to keep the faith that our GOAL will be accomplished.
- The conductor doesn’t have to speak to lead a group to its goal. We can lead by example.
- Believe in empowering others to the cause. The public CAN make a difference.
- Have the end result in mind and understand the small results that get you toward the end goal.
Leadership is getting people to do something they WANT to do. By being leaders we can cause behavior change.

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