N.C. DPPEA Updates

1. Nine Tips for Your Recycling Program
In the face of the global economic and fiscal crisis, DPPEA has posted a document with nine tips to help local recycling programs weather the downturn. The nine tips focus on short and longer term action steps you can take to reduce the negative effects of the crisis on your recycling efforts.

2. Web page up on Tracking Material Prices

DPPEA has posted a Web page with links and information to sources of pricing data for recyclable commodities.

3. State Solid Waste Report Posted

The State Solid Waste Report for 2007-08 can now be viewed.

4. Correction to Date for Disposal Ban on Computers

In reviewing S891 and consulting with legislative staff, DPPEA has found that the disposal ban date for computer equipment (as defined in 130A-309.91(2)) was changed in the 2008 session. The ban date for computer equipment is now the same as for televisions: January 1, 2011.

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