Reducing Unwanted Junk Mail

Guest Blogger - Mary

Junk Mail seems to be a pervasive and persistent problem. Often times more than half of the materials that come through the mail are addressed to the “current resident” and land up immediately in the recycle bin. Here at RE3.org we recently learned about a way to significantly reduce this unwanted material and thought we would pass it along to you.

Credit card offers are one of the most prevalent issues when it comes to junk mail. There is a way to contact all the major credit bureaus at once to get your name removed from their mailing lists. You can stop those pesky offers by simply calling this number – (888) 567-8688, or through visiting this Web site - www.optoutprescreen.com

Then for all those unwanted catalogs that are sent to your doorstep a Web site has been set up to help consumers filter and select the mail that they wish to receive. www.catalogchoice.org was formulated to allow individuals to essentially choose the items which they would like to receive in the mail and opt out of others they consider to be unnecessary. A similar service is aimed at stopping the delivery of free papers that might be dropped off at your residence. www.stopfreepapers.org has been set up to allow people to remove themselves from these automated mailing lists so they don’t receive unwanted material.

Phone books also are items that seem to consistently pile up in households across the country. Although not as consistent as the daily dose of junk mail, many households are content with the present phone book they have and do not desire additional copies. www.yellowpagesoptout.com is a Web site that allows consumers to quickly and effortlessly either adjust the number of copies desired or cancel delivery of phone books to their residence.

So if you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of paper arriving at your doorstop – feel free to check out these sites. Do something good for the environment and yourself at the same time!

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