Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste, What’s New for 2009?

Guest Blogger - Matt Todd, Market Development Specialist
N.C. Recycling Business Assistance Center

Much of the work the Recycling Business Assistance Center does is focused on working directly with startup, existing or re-locating recycling companies (collectors, processors, end-users). RBAC addresses gaps in infrastructure by creating partnerships with local governments and providing assistance to established private-sector companies. Because of this, RBAC has compiled a large amount of knowledge about who is out there working to find supplies of various recyclable material across a wide spectrum of categories.

One category that gets a lot of attention from building contractors is markets and methods for recycling construction and demolition waste. Even during the economic downturn there is active growth in this sector of the recycling industry.

The demand for resources associated with C&D recycling is also increasing. The growth of the green building industry and the use of LEED (and other rating systems) is “creating a need” for builders and contractors across North Carolina.

The recycling infrastructure for C&D waste in North Carolina is varied. RBAC is aware of a handful of mixed-waste recyclers, single-material processors, deconstruction operations and architectural salvage businesses in locations across the state. The NC Recycling Markets Directory provides a dependable list of companies that collect or process material from the C&D waste stream.

Immediate action is occurring with respect to diversion of tear-off shingles and drywall. Shingle diversion has started in Pitt County, located in eastern North Carolina, in partnership with Greenville Paving & Contracting, Inc. We hope to leverage the Pitt County shingle recycling operation into additional programs across North Carolina. Drywall recycling is occurring both on a county and private-sector level through the continued growth of Carolina Gypsum Reclamation – previously named Union Gypsum. There is also gypsum recycling opportunities through the multiple commercial composting operations in the state.

Our goal is to provide resources and solutions that work. We are looking for continued input on C&D infrastructure and market needs from all sectors: local/county governments, private recycling operations, C&D landfill operators, contractors, builders, colleges/universities, and professional organizations. Call an RBAC team member to get involved with any part of this project. Please check our website for a list of RBAC contacts, http://www.p2pays.org/rbac/staff.html.

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