Coca Cola is where it's at!

Guest Blogger – Margaret

I feel the need to shine light on one of America’s favorite beverage companies, Coca Cola. Traveling to Atlanta for a cheerleading competition I had the fabulous opportunity to visit the Coke factory. The Coke factory is a tourist attraction located in Atlanta where visitors can enter the amazing world of Coke. I was immediately delighted with the host as I noticed the very convenient recycling bins lining the outside walls of the Coca Cola building.

The entire tour of the Coke factory was a fun-filled experience as we made our way through the world’s soda dynasty. From viewing ancient Coke artifacts to meeting the Coca Cola polar bear to tasting Cokes from around the world, the attraction was exciting. Brilliantly structured, the end of the tour takes you enthusiastically inside the Coke gift shop.

Now here is where my love for Coca Cola flourished. Right in the very front of the shop is an entire section of memorabilia directly related to recycling. Coke had T-shirts, cups, mugs, bags, you name it, with fun slogans and images promoting recycling. A favorite of mine was a women’s T-shirt featuring a girl walking toward a guy who recycles with a caption that says, “Chicks dig Recyclers.” Not only is Coke expressing its strong initiatives to recycle, they are also participating in spreading the word to recycle through their trademark gifts! Now if only all of the other bottled beverage distributors would follow Coca Cola’s example of promoting and practicing environmental stewardship.

** Margaret has graduated and is moving on to greener pastures. We will miss her! She has been doing great outreach for us for a year!

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Fred said...

Coca-Cola Recycling will also be out at during the weekend of the Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway on May 24. You should check them out - they'll have a recycling education vehicle with videos, games, and prizes... just like the photo that you've got posted in the article!