Guest Blogger - Michigan Mary

RE3.org is always looking for people and organizations that think outside the box when it comes to sustainability and being green.

Swaptree.com is a Web site that allows you to take old items that you are no longer using and swap them out for another item that you feel would be utilized more. Maybe you have an old book (or several) lying around that’s collecting dust. Someone else may be interested in this item and you get to essentially trade your unwanted item for another you consider more useful. The best part is – it’s free! The only thing you are responsible for is the shipping cost associated with the item.

After you list all the books, CDs, DVSs and video games that you currently have and no longer want, swaptree.com will let you browse through thousands of items which you can select in exchange for your old or unwanted items. You don’t even have to go to the post office to send your items off. The site will allow you to print a shipping label right from your home computer.

Check it out – think green and get that new CD you have been dying to have all at the same time!

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