Kernersville Creative Cart Distribution Project

One of the main barriers to recycling is convenience. Well, the town of Kernersville thought of an ingenious way to increase curbside recycling convenience by running a contest to give away some recycling roll-carts.

Guest Blogger - Mary McClellen

Many ideas for distributing the free carts circulated, such as an Internet survey, a photo contest and even a lottery scratch-off card. In the end, budget shortfalls required the cheapest method possible to conduct the prize drawing. That method ended up being successful, though not as high profile as organizers would have liked. The town purchased 10 cardboard contest entry boxes and decorated them colorfully. The boxes were placed at several willing local businesses and non-profit centers where there was a good amount of foot traffic. The cart winners were announced at the town’s first annual Earth Day celebration as part of the day’s festivities. About 75 entries were received.

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