Recycling Education on a Shoestring Budget – Web

Watch your thoughts,
for they become words.
Watch your words,
for they become actions.
Watch your actions,
for they become habits.
Watch your habits,
for they become character.
Watch your character,
for it becomes your destiny.
- Unknown

Let’s make sure people THINK more about recycling because, if this quote is true, it might cause them TO recycle more. Research shows that people need to be reminded of recycling. We need to keep it in the news. People need to hear about it and see it when they are at work, school, home, basketball, the mall, the movie theater, the local restaurant . . . Get my drift?

So how can we keep recycling in the news, on the forefront of everyone’s mind and do it all during these hard economic times? These next few blog posts will hopefully give you some ideas.

Start by looking at your Web site and asking yourself these questions.
When was the last time your Web site was updated? Is it visually appealing?
What info should be on ALL of our Web sites?
- What to recycle
- Where to recycle
- How to recycle
- Contact info

Is your information posted on Earth 911’s site?

Do you send out an electronic newsletter? Are you gathering people’s e-mail for this purpose?
Have you moved onto Web 2.0 topics?

- Do you have a blog?
- Are you on any social networking sites?

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