Volunteer for free BBQ?

Hillsborough Hog Day, held Saturday, June 20 at Cameron Park Elementary needs recycling volunteers!

Volunteers will staff “Trash Sorting Stations”, helping festival-goers sort their refuse into three categories: compostable, recyclable, or true trash. Volunteers are also needed as “Roving Recyclers”. They will collect bottles and cans from recycling bins distributed throughout the festival grounds and bring them to a centralized location, free of trash. Bonus recycling karma points for Rovers who pluck recyclables from the garbage, though it is not required. Volunteers receive a 2009 Hog Day T-shirt, BBQ sandwich, a drink, and enthusiastic thanks!

Volunteer shifts are three hours each:
8-11 (includes set-up activities)
5-8 (ahhh, a fresh clean-up crew)

Most of the food vendors have eliminated the use of plastic and Styrofoam, using compostable serving ware (including compostable utensils), instead. Thus, the festival will be able to separate food and paper at the food court to be composted, as well as the usual bottles and cans for recycling! Novelty cups from lemonade sales will be collected for re-use. Hog Day organizers have even planned to have condiments served in bulk to reduce packaging waste in the first place, used cooking oil collected to make bio-diesel, and all of the pork waste from the BBQ cookers to be composted by a commercial composting company. This is NOT your backyard compost and it will reduce TONS of waste from going to the Orange County Landfill from this single event! This impressive effort needs your help to make it happen.

Please contact Muriel Williman, (919) 968-2788 or email mwilliman@co.orange.nc.us for more information and to volunteer. Pass this message on to others you know that might be interested.

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