Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Guest Blogger: Michigan Mary
Although many high school- and college-aged students recognize environmental issues and strongly desire to be a part of concrete change on these initiatives, it is unquestionable that at times the hurdles ahead can seem daunting. It is easy, as a young person, to feel that your impact on the world is limited in its scope. A recent book by Jenn Savedge highlights these issues and recognizes the small steps that can be taken by young adults to help realize significant environmental change.

The book is called “The Green Teen,” and shares with young adults countless ways in which they can slightly alter their day-to-day routines to be greener and more sustainable. The book is broken down into several sections including “Green your School,” “Green Yourself,” “Green your Home,” and “Green your World.” Each focuses on individual actions young adults can take to make their lives significantly greener.

One of the suggestions in the “Green your School” section is to regularly pack a waste-free lunch which minimizes the contributing waste from each student. On average students in the United States annually are individually responsible for 67 pounds of waste from their school lunches. By altering packaging and saving food that is not eaten, students can reduce this statistic.

Although it may seem that the small things don’t add up to make a difference, in reality it is the compilation of these actions that adds up to realized changed. See what you can do in your school and community to make a difference.

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