The Whole Brain Approach

I attended a seminar recently that had relevance to recycling behavior change. You may have heard of “right” and “left” brained learning . . . well, in an ideal world you would like someone to be “whole brained” – meaning they can think, communicate and solve problems using both hemispheres of the brain.

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Model is broken up into four quadrants.

- The “A” quadrant person is more logical, analytical, fact based and quantitative

- The “B” quadrant is an organized, sequential, planned and detailed thinker

- A “C” quadrant person is more of an interpersonal, feeling based, kinesthetic and emotional thinker

- A person in the “D” quadrant thinks holistically, intuitively, integrity and synthesizing

So when creating a message, campaign or commercial, make sure you use all the quadrants.

- Is it realistic and data based?

- Is it reliable and tested/proven?

- What people will be affected and are you sensitive to their emotions?

- Is it holistic and imaginative?

Answering these questions will help create a better message and campaign for your audience using a whole brain approach.

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