Find your local recycling center

Guest Blogger – Michigan Mary (she just can’t stop writing about recycling)

Curbside municipal recycling is a great service but not all households have the opportunity to participate in such a program. Many individuals that live in apartments or outside city limits do not have the same accessibility to recycling services as those that live in or near cities.

Earth911.com, a Web site that is dedicated to improving our Earth and facilitating green practices, has a very helpful search engine that allows households across the nation to easily search for their nearest recycling centers. What’s more, the site breaks down where different products are accepted – plastic vs. glass, etc.

Simply go to the Web site's main page (www.Earth911.com) and type in your city and what you are looking to recycle to find the nearest recycling center. Pretty cool concept if you ask me! Don’t throw items away when the nearest recycling center is as close as a click of the mouse.

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