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1. Podcasts of the series: Media Strategies for Sustainability
-May 2009: Introduction to Media Strategies - Presenter: Lindsey Cromwell, Santa Clara University

-July 2009: Encouraging Pro Environmental Behavior - How Social Psychology Can Help Us - Presenter: Dr Robert Cialdini

-August 2009: Join in on the last call – August 6 – Understanding and Overcoming Psychological Resistance to Promote Environmental Behaviors with Dr. Jessica M. Nolan

2. Web site evaluation tool links:

3. Free Webcasts from the American Marketing Association. I have participated in many of these. They are great!

4. Social Marketing University Online: Social Marketing Fundamentals Webinar Series
New to social marketing? These Webinars will bring you up to speed from the comfort of your own desk.
60-minute Webinars, Wednesdays, 12 noon PDT / 3 p.m. EDT / 7 p.m. UTC
August 5: Building an Effective Social Marketing Strategy
August 19: Creating Social Marketing Messages That Work
September 2: Social Media for Social Marketers
$39/Webinar. More information visit

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Nedra Weinreich said...

Thanks for posting the info about the Social Marketing University webinars! For anyone who is interested in more advanced training, we are also offering a 2-day training in Berkeley, CA in September.