RE3-tro Look for Downtown Raleigh Recycles

Guest Blogger: Bianca Howard

The city of Raleigh has offered curbside recycling collection to downtown businesses since August 2006. In February of this year, the crew traded in their old recycling truck for one that allows them to empty garbage and recycling carts at the same time. The vehicle, called a split-body rear loader, helps the crew save time and fuel by not having to return to the office to switch trucks.

Last month the truck got a makeover by replacing the familiar chasing arrows with new “Message in a Bottle” signs. While the recycling program includes more than 130 businesses ranging from pawnshops to public relations firms, this ad acknowledges the 42 restaurants and nightclubs among our customers.

What do you think of the image? Does it inspire you to recycle?


Pete Pasterz said...

I like it...where can I get one?

RE3.org said...

NC DPPEA can help you create the graphic (image found here - http://www.re3.org/graphics.htm). We will just add your relevant contact info/logo.

Not sure who made the ad for Raleigh. I'll ask Bianca.

Bianca Howard said...

We used Beeson Sign Company out of Kernersville. They have done graphics for many of our other trucks. We also got quotes from a couple of sign companies in Raleigh and Durham.