ARTICLE: Capstrat poll - Green influences buying decisions

Triangle Business Journal - by James Gallagher

Businesses would do well to promote their sustainable practices and commitment to being “green,” a new study shows.

A poll by Raleigh-based marketing firm Captstrat and Public Policy Polling shows that 83 percent of respondents believe a commitment to sustainability is very or somewhat important to their purchasing decisions.

At the same time, few businesses are actually promoting their green practices. Nearly half (46 percent) of the 983 adults polled said they rarely or never hear their employer talk about being green. And nearly a quarter (24 percent) says their company makes sustainability a priority.

“It appears that many businesses are missing an opportunity to tell customers and employees about their own commitment to sustainability," said Capstrat CEO Ken Eudy. “While there have been questions about corporate “greenwashing” where companies are overstating their true dedication to green practices, this poll indicates that many businesses have a bona fide commitment that they aren’t communicating clearly to customers and employees.”

Recycling was cited by 54 percent of respondents as their company’s most important green activity.

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